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Take A Chances

As being a long day at home and at last I will go back to the big house today (: I dont know how to feel . My day not good as a day ago , today just like crap okay . Ive read a messages on my bf fb and it was like bullshit one -.-' you deserve that name girl . I never expected that youre such a jerk like that , omg put yr umbrella up !

I Love This Creativity ;

Cool aite ? Hihi Monster Bread :D

In our life , We are given a chance to make something better , so plss ppl use it as good as possibble but dont take it as advantages kayy . Second changes is just once then no more chance for us to change it . Love yr time , work and loved one . Do appreciated anything comes in . Thank Allah coz we still alive today and still have a chance to changes the bad things to better one and more better . Remember it (:

Here some video that Ive got and learn from it :

A Second Life

p/s : Give paper a second life 

Loves QINN

Better Together

As speedy as a lightning Ive done editting this blog to be more better even not so much better . As I got mc for three days I can spending my time to sit in front this lappy and make some change . Im tottally out of idea but for now , thats it . I hope it can makes you guy smile hihi ^^ . At the same time , I kinda missin my girls (': . Its so long to be home but I enjoy myself till now weee ~
Tomorrow I will going back to big house and can meet my girls and my darling weewitt :D Wish some hug from them soon (: Here have a video for you guys , love alls muahh (:


Minilogue - Animals

Rock it babehh , cheers !


Behind Closed Drawers

This video was so cool en haha
enjoy it (: