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The Desire Cames Out

For the first time ZIFF got gather for having a dine fasting and surprise birthday for K . Haha its was so awesome when F's boyfriend, Nizam, join us . I love the fragrance of this day. It got a passion on us. This is totally great one. We got loud laugh and sparkling fun babes. You should do this if you never had it coz its can be a superb and classic memories. Didnt trust it? Well, really you should try it kayy? So let we take you to our memories. Ready.Set.GO !

Fifie, Mimi and Zatyy

The apparatus was set up as shown the figure above

Rajinnnyee diaaaa

Its ready to cook

Selamat Berbuka ZIFF'KNM

Tuuu diaaa :D

Partner ♥ Iqqin and Kamal
Fifie and her bf, Nizam
Zatyy with her new 'bf/gf' hihi

Catch the surprise for K

Untunglahhh haha BR gituhhh 

Z, Mimi and I

Macam artis dah (: haha

Happy Birthday, K 

Find a good angle

We got it babehh


ZIFF got new daughter Hihi

Never let the chances to grab a smile on the camera (:

Ehh nih ZIFF ke ?

K : Muka along ada tak ? (said him to her sister)

Here we go :D

F : Nak kiss sikit
Z : Tak bole, aku nak senyum nih kat camera
I : Ngeee

Possing sakan semua haha

There the lillte girl

The End  ♥

We hope you got the travel with a smile hihi
We just wanted to share the memories to all of you
Thanks for reading and watching