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F is having a photoshoot yesterday ;)

hello ZIFF - amazingmonster , seriously im miss you guys ! smalam aku ade photoshoot dkat HUTAN BANDAR  , theme FUNKY , tapi aku bedal je , tak pakai pun funky mane , HAHA , huh , nyamuk bnyak mengigit - gigit , mengisap - ngisap darah aku . HAH ! habis darah aku di buatnye . orang lelaki dekat sane gatal - gatal , macam tak pernah tengok orang perempuan . ni lah lelaki , selagi namenye lelaki selagi tu lah gatal kn ? haih . shoot sekejap je , panas aku tak tahan . sbab baju aku pkai smalam mcam nk pergi tempat musim sejuk , tak sesuai langsung . photographer tu pun baru lagi . nk cari caption dkat sane pun mcam tak best , bnyak nyamuk lah , ramai orang lah , mcam tak de privacy sngat , mane tak nye , orang - orang asyik tengok je , asal jalan tepi kite orang tngok macam tak pernah tngok orang shoot lak . sayang sayang ZIFF , nnti kalau nk shoot bgtahu aku okay :) aku boleh suruh photographer tu snaping - snapingkan . HAHA . im need to go now . bye bye AMAZINGMONSTER <3
holidayy yg sgt boringg . Q kau diam jaa jgn ckp ape ape okay bout post nehh
(:  first time post so mesti kelakar kn . ahhh lantak lh kelakar ape kn . Q sruh post , so aku post jelahh . actually i really miss the time when ZIFF were together . its was awesome . hari nehh F pegi photoshoot and Q and aku dduk rumah and onlinee. boring kott asyik dduk rumah jaa mcm nehh . boleh blank otak aku . HAHA entah ape ape jaa lh aku type neh kn . diam kn jaa lh .


Gathered Together Is FUN

Helllowwieess Deearest  Bloggger

ZIFF here babes :D
Actually thisss post Z the only one who  very excited to type but she like 'tongong  tongong' one , tak tau nk type  apa . agak melucukaann :DD

Today ZIFF gathered together . We  talk laugh ''gossiip" sharee story best moment until we got bored HHA
Just a minutes ago we got our add mattth exam paper ,then thee result like ' phm paham jaaa laah kann ' hee
Stef , our friendd  thee  owner of the laptop and she is the only one who is very depressed with the result . But for us is okay enough what . Whatever it is , mayb our opinion was very opposite .
Like F's mother said - " Alahh , mama tau the real one adik bole buat " with laughing
Thats was our symbolic now , actually just for this year . SPM next year yaahh sayang . So next year we will struggle in our study to get the bestest gred for SPM and hoping will get STRAIGHT A's pheewwwwittt

By The Way
While we doing something stupid thing , have another class is still fighting with their paper HAHAH pity of them kannn kannn :D heee
In front of us now , have two girls (myn & stef ) who is in crazy way . sing loud laughing at their stupid action by listen the mp3 . ' macam nk sepak laju laju jaa hantar kat hospital gila sana tuhh hahh ' hahah

Z now in wondering if someday we will not still in this together . HAHA Z , chill babes :D We will stay together till die okayy . - FRIENDSHIP Will Be Last Forever weeewwiitt <3
We cant wait for 'waktu rehat' sebabb , F brings nasi ayam penyet woooo :D very hungry wehhh grrr

okayy mayb just that right now . we lose of mind to write haha
see you guys later yawww
Have A Greats Day Everyone

when ZIFF meet each other :)

preparing for fifie's anniversary :D

i love them :)