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''you want me eat sushi or die , i can die if i doesnt eat sushi ! you got that ?''

aku nak makan sushi dengan korang sekali , lepak-ing ! dah lame tak jumpe korang , koranggggggggg - koranggggggggg , koranggggg blanje lah aku makan sushi , seriously ! aku tengah mengidam sushi . please fulfil my desire ehhh ? even makan benda lain , tekak still nk sushi , rasa sushi jgak dekat tekak aku  +.+" .

please gemok - gemokkk ! sekali ni jeh .


Love not too much by many,
Edible flavor found in Sushi,
Press into ball shape Varity,
Smelled raw like the sea.

Etiquette cuisine as distinct as nature,
We look away leaning across the table,
And see scattered rice and Nori,
Lay bare and feeble.

We are very tired when we are hungry,
Many fingers to this palate would drop,
Eating Sushi rolls to make merry,
Even if given bucketful of gold.

Rather eat an apple or a pear,
Than fermented fish evolved as it descend,
From the mouth to later appear,
Where the wind comes cold.

Wash with the morning vapor,
Separate thoughts wept and crept,
To ease the accentuated flavor,
Wrapped floundering in secret.

by Gerry Legister


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