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Today Is Monday And Now Is Still Holiday

HAHA Hello Guys (:
Wahhh lagi 1 week jaa nak naik sch kann kann ? Haa tak sabar gile . Nak jumpe ZIFF and all fellows friends .
Omgg , kenapa lah lambat sangat neh nak naik sch kann ?
So Hows Your School Holidays Guys ? Treating Greats Huhh ?
Ofc lahhh , rightt ?
Fine , now Q just typing this post after doing something unwell HAHA

Well , are you ready going back to sch ? Did you say NO ?
HAHA You said NO again ?
Okayy lets us make you realize
Next Year At 1st Of January 2011 Is A New Year
Andddd Started 3rd January we will having a school life back
I Do Love School But I Hate Homeworks HAHA You Too Rights?
Hell Yeahh , Next Year Will Be Our Biggest Year And Will Have A Big War
Yahh Ofc Its Was SPM (!)
Godd , Come On Kawan Kawan . Kite Nak SPM Lahhh !
Please Dont Make This As A Joke Okayy Buddies ? Haaa Good (:

Here's Some Announcement 
Q Was Been Rejected By School Of Hostel
Hmmm sedihnyee ): tamau duduk rumaa lahh
Btw , Z Was Success (: Okayy go chayok chayokk sayangg
Nannti aku try apply lagi okayy (:

Haa To PMR Candidate's 2010
Congrates For You All Results (:
Our School Get 82 Pupils Who Gets Straight A's
CONGRATES Again , You All Have Done A Good Job Babes

Okayy , Just For That Right Now (:
See You Next Week Girls ! Muahhh
I Miss You All <3


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